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Minh Tran


Executive Fan

Minh Tran, born and raised in Lansing, Michigan and the youngest of eight. His parents migrated from Vietnam in the mid 1970s and Minh was the only child born in the U.S. After high school, Minh went to Michigan State University where he earned his B.S. in Engineering.  In his career he has held positions in engineering, sales and account executive. Coming from a family of small business owners, Minh always had a dream of owning his own business. Not sure what that business would be he followed his passion.

Minh Tran is now Owner of Executive Fan and has turned his passion into a successful growing business. FanTape™, an Executive Fan brand, was created with the intention of connecting fans to their favorite sports team. The line of product includes Duct, Office and Packaging tape with college logos printed on it. The business started locally and now has expanded nationally.

During his spare time Minh is very active in the community. He is a Board Member of St. Vincent Catholic Charities. Minh is married with two children: Emilynn, who is 7, and Evan, who is 3.

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